Vad är en ren och fräsch vulva?

What is a clean and fresh vulva?

When we describe a "clean" and " comfortable" feeling when it comes to the vulva and vagina, it's something we want to tell you.
For us, a clean vulva is not a vulva that smells like peony and shines. No, we believe that a clean vagina is its normal state. The genital area as it is without soap, perfumes or similar. The vagina also cleans itself, which is fantastic.
When it comes to our After Sex products, they help the vagina and vulva to return to normal after a moment of pleasure. After all, in unprotected sex, there is often ejaculation in the vagina that then has to come out.
The fact that sex involves fluids and lubrication is a fact, a rather wonderful fact, because that's the way it should be. Good sex is anything but dry, right?

But the day after, the fluids from last night's sex may not be as pleasant..

Another tip linked to a previous post when we highlighted, the last thing you touch before falling asleep - your cell phone. When was the last time you and your partner cleaned your phones? Maybe a bit of a "turn off", but we don't want to bring the cell phone's bacteria into foreplay, do we?
Have a great rest of the day and don't forget that the vagina cleans itself but the cell phone does not.
Cecilia, CEO and co-founder of Aima Sense