About Aima Sense

Aima Sense is created by women - for you. We women are creative, resourceful and we make sure to solve our problems in one way or another. One example is the rather cumbersome routine that more or less always follows sex. Pushing your way to the toilet, a shower and still risking sticky underwear during the day. Aima Sense wants to improve and simplify sex life for everyone. Through quality and affordable products, we have created a complete solution for you for a freer sex life.

To find out if our product idea was something that more women would appreciate, we started discussions with women in our vicinity. We quickly realized that everyone agreed that this is a problem worth solving.

Our main driving force - women saying "no thank you" to sex because of hygiene practices.

In a survey conducted early on in the journey to develop A.S, 98% of all the women who participated said that they had said no to sex several times because of subsequent hygiene practices. This means that almost every woman occasionally gives up a moment of pleasure because of the added fluids of sex and the subsequent sensation. This became one of our main drivers for developing the products in the Aima Sense After Sex range.

Long live an equal (sex) life!

The founders of Aima Sense

We are Karin and Cecilia, two sisters living in southern Sweden but with roots in Dalarna. We have dedicated the past few years to developing fantastic products together with experts in the field of intimate hygiene. The products are within the segment of sex and primarily hygiene related to sex. We want to make it easier for everyone to have a moment of pleasure in the often stressful everyday life. You may have a thousand reasons to refrain from sex, but hygiene routines should not be one of them. Join the liberation!

To love, with love

- Karin & Cecilia