Give your hygiene routine a green update and contribute to a more sustainable world with us!

As self-evident as we strive for an equal sex life, it is equally self-evident for us to take our environmental responsibility seriously. Being a newly established company gives us the advantage of ensuring that Aima Sense maintains a high level of sustainability from the very beginning. We will hold our planet's hand throughout our journey, from start to finish.

In the development of our intimate hygiene products, we have made choices based on sustainability, ranging from carefully selecting factories to produce our products, to choosing materials and ingredients. Our choice is natural, sustainable, and free from additives and fragrances. Therefore, we are incredibly proud to offer products where every ingredient, material, packaging, and even the smallest component is carefully balanced to be the best for you and our planet.

Selection of factories based on their sustainability

The factory that supplies us with our A.S tampons is certified with ISO 14001 environmental management system and ISO 9001 quality management system. These certifications mean that you can feel confident that everything is produced in a sustainable way and that the factories in turn can make demands on their suppliers.

Aima Sense takes responsibility at all levels. As a prerequisite for the honor of being our partner and supplier, we make high demands. Innovative suppliers who see sustainability and the transition to sustainability as a matter of course.

Why is our A.S product not organic?

Some choices are not as obvious to the customer as others. While we could have used organic cotton for our A.S tampons, we opted for sustainably sourced viscose. When discussing the choice of materials with engineers in the field, we quickly came to the conclusion that organic cotton should be saved for garments and products that will last a long time. There is not an abundance of organic cotton, and producing an organic cotton product that will only be used for a few minutes did not feel right from a sustainability perspective.

Another product to use and throw away?

Many of us take a shower after sex, whether or not the need for a shower existed before or not. The shower can thus be seen as an 'extra shower'. A rough estimate is that a regular 5-minute shower with a standard shower of about 9.5 liters per minute can consume roughly between 47 to 51 liters of water. However, this is only an estimate and the amount of water can vary depending on factors such as water flow rate, shower efficiency and individual shower times. Our After Sex products replace the unnecessary shower, sanitary pads and lots of paper. Not only can A.S reduce your carbon footprint because it replaces other approaches that are more energy-intensive, it also gives you a very pleasant feeling afterwards. Definitely win-win, if you ask us!