What is the difference between a regular tampon and A.S?

The After Sex tampon
Our A.S. tampon is soft and has a density that allows it to quickly absorb semen after intercourse. It has a limited absorption capacity adapted to a normal ejaculation of around 3-5 ml. Thanks to its design and fiber properties, it absorbs from all directions. You can safely remove it after 3-5 minutes without the risk of dripping. When you have it in your vagina, you can even stand up without the risk of it slipping out.
Regular menstrual tampon
A regular menstrual tampon is compact and made to hold the blood for a long time, the surface is often hard and shiny thanks to the hard compression of the fibers. The menstrual blood comes from the uterus, which is also what the tampon is designed for, it opens like a flower as the drops mainly come from above. A normal sized tampon (flow 3 drops) can absorb around 9-12ml depending on the brand.

How does a normal tampon work for sperm absorption?

If you stand up, a regular menstrual tampon easily slips out of the vagina, it becomes an even messier story. (Believe us, we know thanks to many tests with focus groups early in our journey).

Significantly longer time to absorb. You risk forgetting the tampon inside the vagina as the duration of action is longer, not good!

A regular tampon is not able to absorb all the liquid due to the tightly packed fibers.

A regular tampon has a much greater absorption, which means that if it is forgotten, it simply has too much capacity.

We believe that the most important aspect of the product is absorption, time, comfort and security. Ultimately, it is important to use the right product for the right purpose to ensure just that!