Can the different pH of women and men cause an imbalance in the vagina after sex?

Yes, it can. Did you know that a woman's vagina has a pH value of about 3.8 - 4.5 while semen has a pH of about 7.2 - 8. This difference is important for the sperm's ability to swim but can mean that the pH balance in the vagina can be disturbed after unprotected sex and cause imbalance, bacterial vaginosis or fungus, if you are unlucky.

An increasing number of women who use A.S. after sex report that it has helped them not only with their hygiene routine, but also with the discomfort that often affected them before, fantastic! In March 2024, a study has started to find out how many women suffer from imbalance after unprotected sex. We will also find out how many women experience reduced discomfort and imbalance after sex thanks to the use of the A.S tampon.

Using the A.S may therefore be able to reduce the discomfort experienced as it helps to remove the semen and allows the vagina to recover more quickly.