What is an A.S?

A.S (which stands for both after sex and Aima Sense) is an innovation from Sweden. A.S is a highly absorbent tampon that is inserted into the vagina after sex to absorb additional fluids - semen - in just 3 minutes. No mess, no stress!

The hygiene routine after sex is made much easier for women, thanks to A.S. After using an A.S, you can laugh, cough, take a walk or exercise, without having to worry about uncomfortable "surprises" that might otherwise occur immediately after, or perhaps the day after, sex. A.S. does the job, without drying out the mucous membranes, of course. Aima Senses A.S has a patent pending due to its unique design and use.

Keep your A.S close at hand before you have sex. Ideally, you should use Aima Sense's reusable applicator (see the tab for the applicator) for easy, hygienic and comfortable insertion of your A.S. The best thing is to have the applicator pre-loaded with an A.S, so everything is ready in the heat of the moment. A.S can also be used without our applicator, in which case you insert it just like a regular tampon.

1. Insert the A.S, with or without an applicator.
2. Stay there and cuddle or go on with your day (Tip: It's always good to pee after sex to prevent infections).
3. After 3-5 minutes, gently pull out the A.S. with the string. Dispose of your used A.S. in combustible/household waste.

Read the instructions for use provided in the box before using the A.S for the first time.

NOTE A.S is not a contraceptive and does not help against sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), the tampon should not be used instead of a condom in these aspects.