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Aima Sense


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Oparfymerad intimolja 


Den perfekta intimoljan för dig att använda dagligen, optimal efter sex. Ger en lugnande, vårdande och mjukgörande känsla.


Lägg några droppar i handflatan och massera försiktigt in på din vulva för att lugna och ge näring åt huden. Du behöver inte tvätta av den efteråt – bara njut av känslan.

Psst... Detta är en multiprodukt! Självklart kan du använda denna fantastiska olja över hela huden, den har blivit en storfavorit som ansiktsolja tack vare de mjukgörande och vårdande egenskaperna.

Den här oljan är gjord för dig, med kärlek.

✓ Dermatologiskt testad för känslig hud

✓ Ingen parfym

✓ Endast naturliga och veganska ingredienser

✓ Vårdande, näringsgivande oljor

✓ Antioxidant Vitamin E som skyddar huden

✓ En säker leave-on-produkt

✓ Ingen klibbighet, bara en mjuk känsla


Ekologisk olivolja
Ekologisk ricinolja
Vitamin - E

Prunus Amygdalus, Dulcis Oil, Olea Europea Fruit Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Glycine Soja Oil, Tocopherol, Beta-Sitosterol, Squalene

  • Sustainability - our natural choice

    Made of 100% certified viscose (FSC), our fibers are OEKO-TEX Standard certified and harmonize with Greenpeace's "The Detox Campaign." These fibers are made from renewable raw materials sourced from responsibly managed forests. The production process is extremely eco-friendly thanks to a closed-loop system. Additionally, the fibers are completely chlorine-free. Choose a product that is gentle not only on you but also on our planet.

  • Our customer say - thank you!

    Before we launched Aima Sense, we conducted a market survey where we asked around 70 women about their post-sex hygiene routines. It turned out that 98% of the women surveyed had abstained from sex due to the subsequent hygiene routines.

    Now, we are overwhelmed by all the "thank you" messages we receive from users who find that A.S makes their hygiene routine easier and makes it simpler to enjoy moments of intimacy!

  • Reusable tampon applicator

    We really want to take this opportunity to recommend our reusable applicator; it makes it super easy to insert regular menstrual tampons as well as our A.S tampon. It is easy to use, convenient to clean, and fits our A.S tampons and regular menstrual tampons up to Super (5 drops).

    Psst... Keep your applicator loaded and ready with an A.S in your bedside table.

Founders of Aima Sense

We are Karin and Cecilia, two sisters living in southern Sweden but with roots in Dalarna. We have dedicated the past few years to developing fantastic products together with experts in the field of intimate hygiene. The products are within the segment of sex and primarily hygiene related to sex. We want to make it easier for everyone to have a moment of pleasure in the often stressful everyday life. You may have a thousand reasons to refrain from sex, but hygiene routines should not be one of them. Join the liberation!

To love, with love
Karin & Cecilia

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