What is an A.S? Do women and men have different pH values?

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  • What is an A.S and how do I use it?

    A.S (which stands for both after sex and Aima Sense) is an innovation from Sweden....

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  • Can an A.S be used for menstruation?

    No, A.S is an after-sex tampon. It resembles a normal tampon in appearance, but with a different density....

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  • Is three minutes really enough?

    Yes! Amazing right? A.S effectively absorbs the semen and other added fluids in the vagina in 3 minutes....

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  • How do I use the reusable applicator?

    Before using your applicator, read the instructions for use on how to properly care for it....

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  • In what order should I use the products?

    Use the products in three simple steps; absorb, clean & soften....

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  • Can women's and men's different pH cause an imbalance in the vagina after sex?

    Did you know that the woman's vagina has a pH value of 4.5 while sperm has a pH of 8?....

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