common questions and answers

What is an AS? 

  • AS (which stands for both after sex and Aima Sense) is an innovation from Sweden. AS is a highly absorbent after-sex tampon that the woman puts into the vagina after sex to absorb added fluids, mainly semen, - in just 3 minutes. No mess, no stress! The hygiene routine after sex is considerably easier for us women, thanks to AS and we don't have to worry about the "uncomfortable surprises" that otherwise occur immediately after, or maybe the day after sex. After using an AS, you can laugh, cough, or go out for a walk without having to wait for the fluid to come out. 

Is AS a tampon for menstruation?

  • AS is an after-sex tampon. It is similar to a regular tampon in appearance but differs from a regular tampon in terms of density, and should therefore not be used for menstruation as it will leak. AS is designed to quickly absorb the extra fluids (such as semen) that are added during heterosex without drying out your mucous membrane. An AS should therefore not be used to absorb menstruation, and a normal tampon intended for menstruation also does not work to absorb the fluids that occur after sex.

What result can I expect?

  • AS effectively absorbs the extra sperm in the vagina in 3 minutes and you can say goodbye to your previous solution to the problem (which still didn't completely solve the problem, right?)

How do I use an AS?

  • We recommend using our reusable applicator for easy, hygienic and comfortable insertion of your AS See “how to use the applicator” below. AS can also be used without our applicator, and then you insert it just like a regular tampon.

In what order should I use the products?

- First you use your AS product, when it's time to take it out, the wipes are fantastic to clean the vulva with. It wipes away residual fluids and leaves the vulva clean and with the right (?)pH balance, they are also completely free of perfume. As a final step in your after sex routine, put a few drops of after sex oil in your hand and stroke the vulva, which gives a soothing and pleasant feeling.

PH in the vagina compared to semen

- Did you know that the woman's vagina has a pH value as low as 4.5, while sperm has a pH of 8? This means that it can upset the balance in the vagina and you can then suffer from bacterial vaginosis. With the help of AS, you can reduce this problem as it helps to remove the sperm and allows the vagina to restore its balance more quickly.

How do I use a reusable applicator?

copy above.

Remove the cover of your AS and insert it immediately after sex using our applicator or using your fingers, to absorb added sexual fluids (semen, lubrid etc). AS makes you feel fresh, clean and comfortable without dryness or irritation.

Please note! This product should not be used as a contraceptive or instead of regular tampons during menstruation. Use only in the vagina.